Annual Report of General Secretary in the 16th Annual General Meeting (9th Nov 2014)

General Secretary’s Report
Old Boys Association, Sainik School Goalpara
16th Annual General Meeting.

9th Nov2014: Rhino Officers Institute, Narengi Cantonment.

Esteemed Members,

Welcome to the 16th Annual General Meeting of Old Boys Association, Sainik School Goalpara (OBASSG).

As the General Secretary of OBASSG, I on behalf of the Executive Committee OBASSG would like to take this privilege to report another year of progress in this 16th Annual General Meeting of the Association; Events and Activities carried out from 25th Feb 2013 to 5th Nov Feb 2014. 2014 being the Golden Jubilee Year of our Alma Mater Sainik School Goalpara, we were focused with the implementing programmes adopted for the GJ Celebration of our school. OBA SSG generally holds its AGM’s in the month of February every year. This year being the Golden Jubilee Year of our school, 16th AGM has been postponed till November.

Golden Jubilee Commemorative Programmes adopted by OBA:

1. Inauguration of RHINO Gate: 12th Nov 2013 has witnessed the launching of Golden Jubilee Celebration of Sainik School Goalpara amidst funfare and lot of activity at school campus. It was this day only when the RHINO Gate, a Golden Jubilee commemorative school entrance gate; gifted by OBA SSG was inaugurated. Air Marshal (Retd) Anjan Gogoi and an alumnus of our school has inaugurated the gate and dedicated to the school in presence of alumni members, present cadets and the school authority. We place on record the contribution made by Durlov Saikia/ 565, Senior Architect, PWD (Building), Govt of Assam and an alumnus of our school for designing the gate. The effort put up by Wg Com (Retd) Manoj Bora/50, Bichitra Sarma/254, Timirendra Das/313, Diganta Das/ 1444 and the team under the contractor Mani Das has left no stone unturned to complete the job in time. We extend our deep appreciation for their commendable job. Job well done.

2. Inauguration of Bronze Bust of 1st Principal of SSG: Bonze Bust of 1st Principal was inaugurated on 12th Nov 2013 with the launch of Golden Jubilee Celebration of Sainik School Goalpara. The beautiful bronze bust of our beloved 1st Principal in front of the main school building is now adding a shrine atmosphere to our academic blocks. We pray to the almighty to grant eternal peace to the departed sculptor of the bust Late Khagen Das whose effort has brought life to the bronze sheet. We take this privilege to offer our sincere thanks to the Sub Committee Members whose effort to bring perfection in creating a replica of our 1st Principal. Santanu Thakur IAS/116 needs special mention in selecting the sculptor and taking all intiative. Bichitra Sarma/ 254 & Timirendra Das/ 313 took all the pain of installation work with their team.

It is noteworthy to mention here that Madam Jamir & Shri Alemtemshi Jamir IAS/ 110, Former
Chief Secretary, Govt. of Nagaland has contributed for the expenditure of the entire project.

3. Release of Golden Jubilee Logo: OBA has inevited design of Golden Jubilee logo from the alumni members on the request of Principal, Sainik School Goalpara. We take this privilege to thank all those who had put their valuable time to put down their brush to design the Golden Jubilee Logo. The response was overwhelming. Syed Zunaid Haque deserves special mention for all his effort and coming up with a beautiful design. All the designs received from various sources were sent to the school authority for final selection.
School has adopted the logo designed by Diganta Gogoi/ 1282, General Secretary, OBA SSG which was released by Subhash Das IAS/259, President of OBA SSG on the 12th Nov 2013, the launching day of Golden Jubilee at School Campus.

4. 4th & 5th Manash Borah Memorial Golden Jubilee Commemorative Golden Jubilee Debating Competition: The period between 15th & 16th AGM of OBA SSG has witnessed both; the 4th & 5th Manash Borah Memorial North East Inter Institutional Debating Competition. While the 4th Manash Borah Memorial Debate has witnessed much spark from the schools, 5th Manash Borah Memorial Debate has witnessed the debating talents across the region.
4th Manash Borah debate was inaugurated by Col (Retd) Monoranjan Goswami and Dr Gautam Sarma, Head of English Department, Cotton College chaired as the Speaker. Dr Gautam Mazumder, Associate Professor, Dept of Economics, Cotton College, Mrs Jayashree Borthakur, Associate Professor, Dept of English, B Baruah College & Mr. Uttam Bortahkur, Advocate, Gauhati High Court has graced the 4th Manash Borah Debate as the Judges. In individual ranking Miss Jyotisha Saikia of Tezpur Central University, Dabu Narayan Konwar of Cotton College and Brinda Kumar, Amry Public School, Chandrawali Goswami of South point school won the 1st, 2nd and jointly 3rd position respectively. Dr. (Mrs.) Shahnaaz Rahman, President, Manash Borah Memorial Trust has played the role of a wonderful host.
In the Golden Jubilee Year of Sainik School Goalpara, OBA SSG has adopted 5th Manash Borah Memorial North East Inter Institutional debating Competition as one of the GJ event. 5th Manash Borah debate was inaugurated by Justice (Retd) Iftiker Hussain Saikia and Dr Arup Choudhury, Dean, K K Handique Open University chaired as the Speaker. Dr Akhil Ranjan Dutta, Associate Professor, Dept of Political Science, Gauhati University, Dr Ruma Bordoloi, Principal, NEF Law College & Mr. Abhijit Bezbaruah, Management Consultant, NEDFi has graced the 5th Manash Borah Debate as the Judges. In individual ranking Chandrawali Goswami of South point school, Ranima Borthakur of Computer Education Centre, Dergaon and Biki Kharka of Sainik School Goalpara has won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively. South Point School claimed the Best Team Trophy. The event was most successful with the participation of 28 Team from the various parts of the NER. Dr. (Mrs.) Shahnaaz Rahman, President, Manash Borah Memorial Trust has played a pivotal role in making it a grand success.

5. SSG Golden Jubilee commemorative Blood Donation Programme: OBA has been organizing Blood Donation Camps since 2006 as a part of social responsibility to help the needy and poor. While first 2 years camps re organized at Base Hospital, Bashistha, subsequent camps were organized at Dr. Borooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati. Every year OBA has been donating 30 – 40 units of blood to the Institute. To mark the Golden Jubilee celebration of our Alma Mater, OBA has organized a series of Blood Donation Camp across the nation. It is noteworthy to mention that OBA to mark the GJ celebration has donated 113 Units of Blood through 4 Blood Donation Camps. We offer our sincere and heartfelt thanks to our members who could make it to raise up to this noble cause. The effort made by the different chapters & units to organize the camps deserves deep appreciation.

6. GJ Plantation Programme at School Campus: One of the solution for Global warming is in creating a conducive environment to minimize air pollution. To commemorate the Golden Jubilee Celebration, OBA SSG has planted 13,800 saplings of valuable species in the school campus covering 12 hectare area. The programme was sponsored by Oil India Limited (OIL) for an amount of Rs Five Lakh. We would like to mention the initiative and hard work put up by Khanindra Barman/ 320, Raghabendra Barman/ 331 and Rajani Kalita/ 454 behind the project to make it a grand success. The Plantation was formally inaugurated and dedicated to school by Nripendra Bharali/ 219, Director, HR & BD, Oil India Limited and an alumnus of SSG on 30th July 2014. It is expected that even with the 70% survival rate of saplings, it would become an asset for school in crores within 20 years. Sarat Kumar Das deserves a special mention for monitoring and managing the execution of the Project. We are also thankful to Oil India Limited for sponsoring the project in their endeavor to address environmental issues in order to deal with creeping global warming.

7. BRIDGE 2014: OBA has been publishing a souvenir (BRIDGE) to commemorate its Annual General Meet every year. This year 2013-14 being celebrated as Golden Jubilee Year of Sainik School Goalpara, Golden Jubilee issue of Bridge marks to be a special issue to be recognized as a dossier of development and progress for both school and OBA. We are thankful to the batch of 1978 – 1985 of our school for sponsoring the BRIDGE Golden Jubilee Issue. Group Captain (Retd) Debananda Gohain/ 17, Col (Retd) Ranjit Talukdar/ 393, Dr Abhigyan Prasad/2256 and Ranjan K Baruah/ 2981 deserve special mention for their relentless effort in bringing out the BRIDGE 2014 issue. We take this privilege to offer our sincere gratitude for those who have contributed to BRIDGE 2014 in the form of various write ups. The owner and employees of Top Printers, Ganeshguri, Guwahati has been kind enough to get BRIDGE – Golden Jubilee published in due time.
BRIDGE 2014 issue was released on 8th Nov at Guwahati Press Club by Subhash Das IAS/ 259, President of OBA SSG in presence of the editorial board members.

8. Member Directory: An effort was made to develop a complete Member Directory with the photographs of our members. The format for collection of data was circulated to all the Chapters and wide publicity was given through social media. Members were also requested to update the database in our official site individually so that correct and updated information could be published.
However, response was thin and we had to resort to already available data. Therefore, it is obvious to have errors in the Member Directory. To avoid such situation in future, this year’s Member Directory Book is supplemented with a format. Members are requested to fill up the formt and deposit the same as requested.

Golden Jubilee Commemorative Member Directory would have never been published without the help of Dibya Jyoti Barman/2881, Nichi Raj Kamal/4643 Ankur Jyoti Kalita/4652. Bikash Sarma, owner of BNit Book Builders, Chandmari Guwahati needs special mention for taking the book up to the printing in a very short time.

We offer our sincere gratitude to Oil India Limited (OIL) for sponsoring the publication of the Member Directory.

9. Sainik School Goalpara Golden Jubilee Run: OBA has organized “Sainik School Goalpara Prize Money Golden Jubilee Run” at Guwahati on 9th Nov 2014 in Association with Guwahati Neurological Research Centre (GNRC) to promote our school and Health for All. The run was participated by the renowned athletes of Assam representing various institutions, organization and even in the individual capacity.
Sainik School Goalpara Golden Jubilee Run was Flagged Off by Abhijeet Bhattacharya/ 2687, the 1st Indian Volleyball Team Captain from North East Region of India and an alumnus of Sainik School Goalpara. Dr Nomal Borah gave away the prizes to the winners.
We offer our deep appreciation to Dr Nomal Chandra Borah, Chairman cum Managing Director, GNRC for sponsoring the major part of the event in promoting Sainik School Goalpara and Health Care for All.
We offer our heartfelt thanks to the experienced team of professional experts from Assam Olympic Association for conducting the event. Jatindra Nath Borchetia/ 402, Girija Barman/ 1438, Atabur Rahman/3421 needs special mention to pave a smooth way of execution of Golden Jubilee Run.

10. Sainik School Goalpara Golden Jubilee Alumni Walk: To spread the message of brotherhood and solidarity among the Alumni Members of SSG, an Alumni Walk was organized on 9th Nov 2014. The bonding we share among us as an SSGian is very unique and a source of envy for others. The seven long years spent together in school in our early childhood inculcates this bonding between us to live forever. To glorify the brotherhood developed within us back in school and to promote Sainik School Goalpara for the cadets from the region and especially from Assam to join the school, the Alumni Walk was organized solely by OBA. We thank our esteemed members for turning up for the event in such huge numbers and making it a grand success.

11. GJ Open Quiz: “Lets Quiz” in Guwahati to commemorate the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Sainik School Goalpara in the tune of “Lets Football” in the ISL!!!
The “Sainik Scholl Goalpara Golden Jubilee Prize Money Open Quiz 2014” organized and executed by OBA will be graced by the famous Quiz Master Barry O’Brien on 10th Nov 2014 at Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) auditorium. It is expected to be participated by huge number of teams across the state and the region representing many prestigious institutions & by individuals.
We take this privilege to offer our sincere appreciation for Barry O’Brien and his team for accepting our request to conduct the event.

The SSG passed out batch of 1980 – 1987 has come forward to sponsor the event on behalf of OBA. We offer our sincere gratitude to the 1980-87 batch for taking all the pain to raise fund and ensure smooth execution of the Open Quiz.

12. OBA Family Get together and Cultural Nite on 10th Nov 2014 at GMCH Auditorium: OBA Family Get-Together with the Annual General Meet every year is an event everyone in OBA look up to. This year get-together marks a special one as OBA celebrates Golden Jubilee of our school. The evening cultural extravaganza will witness reputed performers North East Breeze, Hurricane Girls and very special events from Manipur with the sponsorship from Manipur Chapter supported by OBA.

13. Cultural Nite at Sainik School Goalpara: To mark the grand celebration of Golden Jubilee of our Alma Mater, OBA is sponsoring the gala cultural Nite at School on 12th Nov 2014 evening with Zubin Garg to perform with his team. The evening is dedicated to the present cadets of our school so that they can cherish the celebration for years to come.

14. Ceremonial Lunch on 12th Nov 2014: OBA has always been prompt in addressing a crisis situation. To resolve the crisis situation out of non availability of adequate fund at school for Golden Jubilee Celebration, 1974-1982 batch has come forward to sponsor and manage the Golden Jubilee Ceremonial Lunch on 12th Nov at school campus with a budget estimate of Rs 10 lakh for the same. OBA also has risen to the occasion to supplement the shortfall, if there would be any. We take this privilege to express our heartfelt gratitude for the good will gesture shown by the aforementioned batch.

15. Inter House Obstacle Run Trophy: 1986-93 batch has introduced a Inter House Obstacle Trophy to be introduced in the Golden Jubilee Year through OBA SSG. Being the introductory & Golden Jubilee year, Trophy is accompanied by a Cash award of Rs. 52,000.00 to the winning House. I am to inform you that the Trophy has been begged by Chilarai House in this introductory year.

16. Books for the SSG Library: 1990-97 batch of our school is pleased to enrich the collection of school Library with the list of Books enlisted by the school. Books will be supplemented with adequate numbers of Book Shelves.

17. Golden Jubilee Theme Song: 1988-95 batch has come up with the SSG Golden Jubilee Theme Song written by Angarag Bhuyan/2773 and sung by youths heart throb Zubin Garg. OBA has arranged to supplement the CD with the Registration Kit. It is noteworthy to mention here that Zubin Garg also sang “Axom Axom” which is included in the CD.

18. Best Runner of the Inter House Cross Country Run at SSG by OBA North Bank Unit: It is heartening to know that the recently formed North Bank Unit of OBA has raised to the celebration of Golden Jubilee of our school and considered to gift school with a beautiful trophy for the “Best Runner in the Inter House Cross Country Run”.

19. SSG Golden Jubilee Tribute Run by Utpal Jyoti Barman (2479): As a mark of tribute to school, Utpal Jyoti Barman/ 2479 has made up his mind to cover the distance of 152 KM from Machkhowa to Sainik School Goalpara Campus to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of our school. The Run was flagged off on 9th Nov 2014 from Latasil Ground. The actual Run as per schedule adopted by Utpal Barman will start on 10th Nov 2014 from Machkhowa Bus Stand. Run will conclude on 12th Nov 2014 at School Campus. We wish him best of his health and spirit and smooth execution of the Run.

20. Fireworks at School: It definitely calls for a mega celebration when a pioneer school of a region in India celebrates its Golden Jubilee. To give a sparkling touch to our celebrations, Girija Barman/1438, Kumud Deka/ 1849 and Abhijit Medhi/ 2697 have come forward to sponsor the event with adequate fund.

21. Publicity & Media Coverage: We offer our sincere and heartfelt thanks to our media Partners News Time Assam TV Channel, Assam Tribune & Asomiya Pratidin for accepting our proposal to be a part of celebration of Golden Jubilee of our school.

We also offer our sincere thanks to Shantanu Tahkur IAS/ 116 and Directorate of Information and Public Instruction (DIPR), Govt of Assam for sponsoring hoardings at different locations in Assam to give publicity of Golden Jubilee Celebration of our school.

We express our sincere thanks to Brig (Retd) Ranjit Borthakur/ 212, Runjun Gogoi/ 2049, Ranjan K Baruah/2891 & Dhiman Chaudhury/ 3029 for arranging media coverage of the events adopted by OBA to mark Golden Jubilee Celebration of our Alma Mater.

We also put on record the effort put up by Rupen Bora/400 in his official capacity to give an unending and untiring publicity of school in the past and in the Golden Jubilee year. School and OBA definitely owe a lot to you. We also appreciate his endeavor in bringing a Complete documentary “GUTS & GLORY” on Sainik School Goalpara in the Golden Jubilee year and finding a slot in the DD National Telecast to go it worldwide.

Engaging the Alumni:

Meetings/ Events:
We have had fourteen (14) Executive Committee Meetings in the past tenure. The active participation of the members has helped in both; the monitoring and evaluation of the activities of the association. Executive Meetings have been a source of inspiration and path finder on many occasions. We take this opportunity to offer our sincere gratitude to all the members of the Executive Committee for their whole hearted support, time and concern.

Chapter Events:

All the chapters of OBA were very active in the Golden Jubilee Year with lot of chapter wise activities to mark the Golden Jubilee Celebration and in spreading the message of brotherhood. Chapter Reports in the BRIDGE Golden Jubilee Issue highlights all such activities. Emerging of many OBA Chapters & Units in the Golden Jubilee year establishes our strength and reach and proves to be a healthy sign for the growth of OBA.


We have inherited only mere few Thousand of rupees when we took over as GS, I/C in the year 2009 and subsequently GS for the next two terms from 2010-12 & 2012 – 14. We are happy to announce that OBA fund has now increased up to few Lakh even after incurring loss in the last two AGM’s. The hard work and cost cutting that EC OBA has adopted have paid off to save whatever way possible. We would be saving few Lakhs from the Golden Jubilee Fund also. Golden Jubilee Account will be closed after the CA audit and money saved will be transferred to OBA Account. We request all to return the GJ contribution Receipt Books at the earliest to complete the process.

OBA has been putting consistent effort since 2009 to have a plot of Government Land to build up OBA’s Office Cum Institute to train youths of the region to join defence forces and other allied services. We hope that the next EC OBA will attain and implement as proposed.

We take the privilege to extend our sincere thanks to our donors, sponsors and members for their contribution and support in the Golden Jubilee Year.

I extend my sincere thanks to:
I offer my sincere gratitude to the President, esteemed Executive Members, Advisors for their whole hearted support, time, guidance and participation to make the events meaningful and effective.

I take this privilege to offer my heartfelt thanks to you all for taking active part in OBA programmes and making it to 16th AGM also.

Special mention is for the Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Chapter West, Delhi, Bangalore and Gangtok chapters for showing solidarity and spreading the message of brotherhood in those cities too. I thank you for all who have taken all the pain just to attend the 16th AGM and Golden Jubilee function at Guwahati and at school from various corners of our nation and even from abroad. We salute your zeal and enthusiasm.

We would fail in our duty if we don’t mention the support of our sponsors of the 16th AGM without whose help; it would have been a not possible to complete the task assigned in the Golden Jubilee Year.

OBA has a “DRIVING FORCE” behind all its endeavour, efforts and initiatives. We offer our heartfelt gratitude to each and every member of the “DRIVING FORCE”. Nothing comes in a platter and without the help of this force it would have not been possible to organize any event or activity.

Long Live the Spirit of SSG. Long Live OBA SSG

Thank you.

(Diganta Gogoi)
General Secretary, 1282/Lachit,
Old Boys Association, Sainik School Goalpara. : +91-94350 47990